Friday, 8 January 2016

Gimbal tamer.

I've never had the cooker right out on Raasay. The space behind it needed a good clean, and I wanted to fit a device to stop it gimballing when it wasn't required. I might call this device 'the toaster', because it allows the oven door to be opened without tipping the contents of the oven, as well as anything standing on the hob, into the cook's lap.

Taking things apart more often might be a good idea. Here is something that looked very disturbing:

The thought that I'd been sailing around for two or three years with this apparent repair hanging down the back of the cooker made me feel quite lucky. In a bad way.

Further exploration showed the armour to be intact, but to have been rubbing on the back of the stove - thus the semi-protective (or wishfully protective?) electrical tape. I looked to see if there was a way of rigging the link so that it wouldn't rub, but came up with this solution instead:

It will take a very long time to rub through, and should terrify any future owner at least as thoroughly as the tape terrified me. The blotch is glue from an old label, not the consequence of some mishap.

Cleanup in progress:

I didn't boil the water before removing the stove, but had, as normal, decanted the remains of the morning kettle into a flask. Luckily.

Here's the outcome - an open oven door, thanks to my very nautical arrangement of string and cleat:

And then I made a toasted cheese sandwich. A safe toasted cheese sandwich.

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