Saturday, 26 March 2016

Moving onto the pontoon, Findhorn

Angus and I moved Raasay onto the pontoons on Monday (21st). This turned out to be trickier than I thought:

All boats on the pontoons have to point into the outgoing tidal stream, so we had to reverse into the berth we'd been allocated. We were able to to this at slack water, and will also be fine on an outgoing tide (as we'll be motoring slowly forward and moving - slightly less slowly - backwards). It doesn't look possible on an incoming tide, or with awkward wind conditions.

I should be able to work out some kind of warp ballet that will keep us safe. Here's what we look like now:

Raasay back in Findhorn - on the pontoons

Raasay back in Findhorn - on the pontoons

And well tied up - the tidal current through the pontoons exceeds two knots.

A berth on the 'down tide' side might be possible, but has some other disadvantages which I can't immediately remember. Reversing out against a flooding tide might be one ...

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