Sunday, 22 April 2018

Winter in Lossiemouth

I wanted to keep Raasay afloat over the winter - I plan to lift out every two years. This winter just passed it was in Lossiemouth, where it lay beside 'Rival Lady', Tristan Mortimer's Rival 31 - quite a rare early version of the marque.

Raasay and Rival Lady

I had thought about applying for a permanent transfer to Lossiemouth, but changed my mind over the winter. It's a great, well-serviced, marina. Raasay didn't like it there, though - too much movement in Easterly weather. I was never quite sure what was happening, but the boat burst a few fenders, and also broke a guardrail wire (from which they were hanging). Somehow, the tops of the fenders were getting stuck under the pontoon.

I think the bad combination was an Easterly plus a very low tide. Also, I think Raasay was inclined to heel over until it had dug a trench in the mud. So I'm down four fenders and a guardrail.

Anyhow, I'm going back to Findhorn & a swinging mooring. In 'D' section this time - over towards the Culbin side, within a short row of the beach and forest. It's out of the main channel, and less prone to floating tree trunks ...

Mooring Preparation

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