Tuesday, 19 November 2013

In the boatyard

Raasay in the boatyardRaasay in the boatyard

In the boatyard, a set on Flickr.
Laid up.

I visited the boat on its mooring on the weekend of 2nd-3rd November. Strong winds were forecast, but 25 knots or so - which seemed fine. In fact they were somewhat worse, and from midnight to 6am I had very bad wind over tide conditions which made sleep impossible.

The motion also did more damage to the mooring rope than had been done in the whole season since June ...

I lost the canoe which I'd used to paddle over - if anyone in the Moray Firth area finds a 17 foot red touring canoe with a leeboard and some distinctive repairs (!) please drop me a line.

I reported the lost canoe to the Coastguard on the Sunday morning in case its discovery triggered a search. A few hours later they told me the rescue helicopter had been on exercise over Burghead bay and had found it. They put it ashore and tied it to a tree stump on the beach, but by the time I got it checked out on the Monday, it was gone.

I'll be protecting and doubling up the mooring next year.

Definitely time to lift out, though ...

The loss of the canoe was a blow - it wasn't insured, and I'll miss it.

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