Sunday, 8 March 2015

Back in the water ...

Raasay is back in the water, as of Thursday.  A bit early, but everything was ready and I'd rather do the final tidying on the mooring.  (Most of it is washing down the decks and cabin sole, and putting things away ...)  I'll spend a day in Findhorn this week sorting out loose ends.

I'm planning to move to Inverness Marina in early April.  I have a slight concern that the Findhorn channel bouys won't have been laid by then, so a preliminary task will be navigating the channel at low tide to get a definite safe track on the GPS.

The move is a bit of an experiment - marina life will be more expensive, but I can walk aboard and also keep the boat in the water all year round.  It will be easier for grandchildren to visit, and short sails will be possible (at present I can really only take her out for multiples of twelve hours ...).

The launch went well - a breezy day, and the tangled mooring was a pest.  I don't think it could have been untangled from a dinghy, so there probably weren't any options here.  Angus and I picked it up, and then had to rig a temporary strop to lift the bouy clear of the water and untangle the main strops, which had become wrapped around the chain riser.

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