Sunday, 22 November 2015

Loch Eriboll to Scrabster (29th July)

I hung around for a good part of the morning of the 29th, watching squalls come down the loch and wondering what conditions outisde would be like. Finally decided to 'take a look', and lifted the anchor aobut 1pm.

In the end, it was lumpy but manageable. I arrived in Scrabster about 8:30pm.

I was just about on a beam reach, and the boat was rolling unpleasantly on the anticipated northerly swell. Quite a long day ...

I actually felt a bit seasick for part of it. This is fairly rare for me, but getting worse with age, I think. I'll need to experiment with some pills.

Probably better than trying to survive on apple juice. All* the cafes in Scrabster were closed or closing when I arrived.

Holborn Head:

Holborn Head


Raasay on the new pontoons, Scrabster

*There were slightly more than one.

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