Sunday, 22 November 2015

Scrabster to Stromness (30th-31st July)

I had another lazy start on the 30th of July, as the choices (to hit the tide in Hoy Sound) were 2am and 2pm. Not a hard choice, actually. I had a gorgeous sail into a NW 3/4, arriving in Stromness about 7pm.

I spent two nights in Stromness, catching up with some friends in Orkney, and visiting the Ring of Brognar & Scara Brae. Angus made a long bus/ferry journey up from Aberdeen to rejoin the boat. On reflection he'd have been better flying - especially as the bus was late for the ferry and he had to spend a night in Thurso.

Hoy in the evening sunlight:

Hoy, evening sunlight

Obligatory (?!) picture of the Old Man:

Hoy, evening sunlight

I met some of the 'Avalon' crew - there are 10 (!) altogether on the boat, taking two hour rowing stints:

Faroes Rowers (1)

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