Friday, 21 July 2017

Dale to Fishguard, Friday 21st July.

The wind had dropped a good deal by later today, but there was still a swell running from the SW when I left Dale at about 3:30 pm. I should have left a little earlier, as there was a strong north running tide in both Jack Sound and Ramsay Sound, which, combined with the swell, made both more interesting than I'd have preferred.

I also found myself fighting the tide off Strumble Head as the light failed. The worst was off the headland itself, where the adverse tide reached about 2.5 knots, but it eased a bit as I got nearer Fishguard.

I'm now anchored off the Old Town, in a little over four metres. I should have at least two at the bottom of the tide (1:30 am).

I won't be making an early start tomorrow.

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