Sunday, 22 July 2018


I'm in the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club marina, in Lowestoft. I'm going to pick up the north going tide this evening and sail round to Cromer - where I will anchor off.

Conditions are in my favour, and there aren't so many places I can stop until I get north of the Humber estuary.

I'll be following the tides.

I sailed fifty miles out of Stellendam yesterday, starting about 4:30 - just before first light. I thought I was going to go to Walton, or maybe Harwich, because that was the best course I could make. Then the wind began to die & I decided that if I was going to motor I might as well head for Lowestoft, which was further on my way and also five or ten miles closer.

So here I am.

I'll post some links to photos and stories presently ... I've realised that doing this in some sort of orderly way is a fond hope.

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